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Issue 344770043: Let \tweak on event chords manipulate its elements

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1 year, 9 months ago by dak
1 year, 9 months ago


Let \tweak on event chords manipulate its elements This makes \tweak on event chords actually get heeded and creates reasonably predictable behavior by tweaking the rhythmic elements (but not chord-wide articulations). It also passes tweaks transparently through music wrapper expressions (like transpositions, context changes and other). To achieve this, it creates and uses a get-tweakable-music function that will deliver a list of primary music expressions tweaks should be applied to. This function is also used in the definition of \once to decide when a warning for misapplication of \once might be called for. Also contains commits: Refactor \once Separates the warning action of \once and its effect on overrides in order to reduce the number of surprises. Let \single use \tweak internally This is less efficient than directly manipulating the @samp{tweaks} property but closer follows the semantics of @code{\tweak}, facilitating extensions to it.

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