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Issue 3275: message condition params with a single, value-less pair

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15 years, 9 months ago by markluffel
6 months, 2 weeks ago
azuercher, tparikh
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15 years, 9 months ago (2008-08-27 01:24:13 UTC) #1
So, Alex was telling me about the code review process that his team does, and I
checked out this thing that Guido, the creator of Python wrote.

It seems pretty sane and usable thus far, though for contract work, we'd
probably want to deploy a different copy of the source (it's open) rather than
use the default deployment (which is public).

There's nothing particularly interesting about this patch, I just needed
something to upload and had it outstanding.

Opinions on code review?

File compiler.js (right):

Line 2721: return [{key:str,value:'',empty:true}];
empty strings evaluate to false, don't we want a value that will be true (to
indicate that there was a key of that name (since presumably, keys without
values are either boolean flags or special strings for which the value doesn't
matter at all))?
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