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Issue 11525045: state,worker/provisioner: fix test timeouts

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8 years ago by rog
8 years ago
dimitern, mp+176155, gz


state,worker/provisioner: fix test timeouts A couple of places that were relying on testing.ShortWait to wait for something to happen. There are a few more, but this should help matters for the time being. https://code.launchpad.net/~rogpeppe/juju-core/343-fix-test-timeouts/+merge/176155 (do not edit description out of merge proposal)

Patch Set 1 #

Patch Set 2 : state,worker/provisioner: fix test timeouts #

Total comments: 4
Unified diffs Side-by-side diffs Delta from patch set Stats (+36 lines, -17 lines) Patch
A [revision details] View 1 chunk +2 lines, -0 lines 0 comments Download
M state/testing/watcher.go View 1 chunk +20 lines, -11 lines 2 comments Download
M utils/fslock/fslock_test.go View 1 chunk +1 line, -1 line 0 comments Download
M worker/provisioner/provisioner_test.go View 1 chunk +13 lines, -5 lines 2 comments Download


Total messages: 4
Please take a look.
8 years ago (2013-07-22 10:45:03 UTC) #1
LGTM, thank you!
8 years ago (2013-07-22 10:46:08 UTC) #2
LGTM https://codereview.appspot.com/11525045/diff/3001/state/testing/watcher.go File state/testing/watcher.go (right): https://codereview.appspot.com/11525045/diff/3001/state/testing/watcher.go#newcode170 state/testing/watcher.go:170: for { Okay, to check I understand this, ...
8 years ago (2013-07-22 10:53:39 UTC) #3
8 years ago (2013-07-22 11:00:48 UTC) #4
File state/testing/watcher.go (right):

state/testing/watcher.go:170: for {
On 2013/07/22 10:53:39, gz wrote:
> Okay, to check I understand this, previously the code would stop at:
> 1) timeout
> 2) when some changes arrived
> If a list of more than one change was expected, it could recieve one, but not
> the remainder, and the test would fail.
> So, now it waits for:
> 1) timeout
> 2) as many or more changes as were expected

that's right.

i'm not actually *quite* sure why the duration of ShortWait influenced the
number of changes delivered ( should probably investigate further to understand
that better), but this change seems right regardless - changes can always be
delivered piecemeal.

File worker/provisioner/provisioner_test.go (right):

worker/provisioner/provisioner_test.go:343: for time.Since(t0) <
coretesting.LongWait {
On 2013/07/22 10:53:39, gz wrote:
> Feels like this should be factorable into a common helper.

there is already a common helper (AttemptStrategy). it's
not so convenient to use here though - i intend to reimport
gustavo's modifications to it from ec2 at some point,
and we can revisit.
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