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Issue 65058: Add a virtual function NotifyNewAggregate and call it from the function AggregateObject

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15 years, 2 months ago by faker.moatamri
15 years, 2 months ago
Tom Henderson

Patch Set 1 #

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Patch Set 2 : Change the Doxygen for NotifyNewAggregate #

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Tom Henderson
15 years, 2 months ago (2009-05-18 04:59:07 UTC) #1
File src/core/object.h (right):

Line 166: */
This doxygen seems very Internet stack specific yet this is an ns3::Object
method.  I would suggest removing references to specific internet stack use
cases.  In particular, what guidance to other future subclasses of Object can
you give about whether they need to reimplement this function?
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