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Issue 4432088: Changed custom paper size in scm file (Closed)

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8 years ago by pkx166h
8 years ago


Changed custom paper size in scm file This changes commit 71e0343fdf2a1936b07db0a5892155351c72d553 c9landscape was too small. Added new a8landscape so that @lilypond[] can use this new landscape size for very small examples.

Patch Set 1 #

Unified diffs Side-by-side diffs Delta from patch set Stats (+2 lines, -2 lines) Patch
M scm/paper.scm View 1 chunk +2 lines, -2 lines 0 comments Download


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Graham Percival (old account)
LGTM, please push.
8 years ago (2011-05-02 18:23:08 UTC) #1
8 years ago (2011-05-03 09:07:20 UTC) #2
Pushed as b7878ed5b1fe275110d39ff2f1d6bb6bc780b898
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