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Issue 339350043: Use convert -strip

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2 years ago by bmwiedemann
5 months, 1 week ago


Use convert -strip to not add timestamps to .png output files to make build reproducible See https://reproducible-builds.org/ for why this is good. Without this patch, files in the openSUSE lilypond-doc package would differ for every build: /usr/share/doc/packages/lilypond/Documentation/pictures/baer-flat-bw.png /usr/share/doc/packages/lilypond/Documentation/pictures/baer-flat-gray.png /usr/share/doc/packages/lilypond/Documentation/pictures/henle-flat-bw.png ...

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dulow kotic
1 year, 10 months ago (2018-05-29 07:20:04 UTC) #1
dulow kotic
On 2018/05/29 07:20:04, dulow kotic wrote:
1 year, 10 months ago (2018-05-29 07:20:14 UTC) #2
On 2018/05/29 07:20:14, dulow kotic wrote: > On 2018/05/29 07:20:04, dulow kotic wrote: Does this ...
1 year, 10 months ago (2018-06-02 17:51:17 UTC) #3
Dan Eble
https://codereview.appspot.com/339350043/diff/1/Documentation/pictures/GNUmakefile File Documentation/pictures/GNUmakefile (right): https://codereview.appspot.com/339350043/diff/1/Documentation/pictures/GNUmakefile#newcode29 Documentation/pictures/GNUmakefile:29: convert -strip -depth 8 -geometry 50x50% $< $@ It ...
1 year, 10 months ago (2018-06-02 19:29:16 UTC) #4
1 year, 10 months ago (2018-06-03 13:04:40 UTC) #5
On 2018/06/02 19:29:16, Dan Eble wrote:
> File Documentation/pictures/GNUmakefile (right):
> Documentation/pictures/GNUmakefile:29: convert -strip -depth 8 -geometry
> $< $@
> It would be wise to add a brief comment before the dependency line explaining
> why -strip is important, otherwise someone might come along later, decide that
> it is pointless, and remove it.
> Are there any undesirable side effects of -strip, for example, removing a
> copyright notice?  The man page says that -strip "strip[s the] image of all
> profiles and comments" but I'm not familiar enough with convert to know what
> that means.  Are profiles also unimportant here?

Not sure why the tools didnt show it, but this was handled in
and merged as commit d1d5f436a190929e38145cf8be7d4fa63b077b46

IMHO, git blame is usually a good tool to find out on why something was added

and I don't think -strip removes important information in this case.
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